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"Creativity is
intelligence having fun."
- Albert Einstein

For the first time ever, creative kids and adults alike can create stories from start to finish using the Book Builders step-by-step process. This proven method can be used many times over to create stories, sharpen writing skills, and launch into the world of self-publishing. 

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In person Book Builders Workshops are a great way for children to learn the art of creating a story from start to finish. Working together as a team, children sift through their own unique ideas for characters, setting and plot in order to discover the heart of their story.

These workshops are designed to enable each child to have a voice in shaping their story, as well as an opportunity to bring the story to life through illustrating a scene. A wide variety of mediums are provided as part of the workshop so that participants can fully engage the creative process in bringing their story to life.

Each workshop ends with a unique story, created by a collaborative team of creative partners who share in the joy of having both written and illustrated a story together. Beyond the joys of the finished product (which arrives a few weeks after the workshop), children also learn first-hand experience how to work as a team, respect the ideas of others, and move forward towards a goal for the common good.


From start to finish, the entire workshop runs for two hours, however for more creative groups it is encouraged to plan for extra time to devote to the illustrating process. 

Workshops include:

Book Reading

Where RK Smith shares one of her own stories to help start the creative process by discovering the "heart" of a story.

Team Brainstorm

Where participants dream up every possibility they can imagine, and work together to create an engaging story from start to finish.

Illustration Station

Where each participant gets to bring a scene of the story to life using a variety of diverse artistic materials


Includes cost of workshop, materials and a personal copy of the completed work

(arrives about 4 weeks post-workshop)

*For families who wish to sign up multiple participants, but only require 1 copy of the finished product, additional participants can be signed up for $35/person. 

**Those who wish to order additional copies of the finished book may do so at the time of the workshop for $20/book. There will also be a link provided with the book should future orders be desired. 

 Please be sure to indicate if you are looking to book a workshop for a classroom or for a library program.

Alternative pricing is used to help support literacy and creativity. Contact below for a quote. 

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