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The RK Smith Collection


Your Heart Is Like A Garden

Have you ever thought of your heart being like a garden? It's true! Your heart is just like the soil in a garden, and just like a real garden, it takes special care and work to make sure that good things grow and bad things are weeded out. 

This heartwarming story is a gentle reminder for readers of all ages to take care of what they let grow in their hearts. 

"Can I tell you a secret, Violet?" Mr. Montgomery asked.
"Yes, please," Violet replied.
He leaned over and whispered, "Words are magic!"

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Violet - The girl who finds her voice

When Violet was told she was too young to make a difference, too little to understand, and just a silly girl, her voice shrank. Little did she know that her neighbour would notice, and he shared with her the greatest secret of all!

Violet is a heartwarming story suitable for readers of all ages. It reminds each of us that our voice and presence matter. 

Finn the Walking Pterodactyl

Have you ever been so afraid of failing that it keeps you from trying? Finn the pterodactyl sure has! Join him on his walk to the brachiosaurus games and see how he learns to face his fears with some help and encouragement from his friend Leise.

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Fox & Bear

While on a leisurely walk one day, Bear comes across an injured fox. He takes the time to stop and help, and together Fox and Bear begin an unexpected journey in friendship. Join them as they learn what it means to be a strong friend, to give hope and to heal.

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Quack, Quack, Squawk

A little duck has lost his quack and doesn't know where to find it! Good thing he knows who he can count on when he needs help. Join Duck and CJ as they work together to solve the problem of the missing quack. It's sweet, fun and a little surprising.

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